[Wine] I need to make some comment on WineTools

Wim(Linux) willem.arckens at pandora.be
Sat Mar 4 10:27:46 CST 2006

I can agree with this; I have only one windows program that I can't  
replace with a linux variant, and this program relies on parts of IE to  
display results of a template. I have a workaroud by going to Konqueror, a  
couple of mouseclicks more; but when asked the community for help all I  
get is "use winetools", "use sidenet", "go to Francks' corner", or the  
nasty ones "why the hell would you use IE?" I don't, I'm an Opera user  
since 10 years or so, first in Windows, now in Linux. In the mean time all  
suggestions ended in errors or freesing programs to get IE. So I live  
without IE and with spectacles.

Op Fri, 03 Mar 2006 23:34:29 +0100 schreef Philip V. Neves  
<pneves at telus.net>:

> I just red the article on the website about winetools.  This is  
> controversy is a non starter in my oppinion. I believe that something  
> like winetools should be included in the wine distribution to begin  
> with.  It should be something under the control of the developers  
> themselves and bug reports should be added to fix any problems. Why did  
> it take someone outside of the wine development team to do this. For the  
> average user we don't want to have to make a gazillion changes in  
> winecfg. You guys are always adding new features or making changes. I  
> want to just get something going not get stopped at the door by a huge  
> barrier to entry.
> If the development team had such a tool it could make test releases and  
> production releases. The production release would have the right  
> combination of native libraries and windows DLLs installed to get things  
> going.  While the test release would be used for people who want to  
> test. I think this would be an excellent compromise here. This way the  
> development of winetools and wine will go in the right direction to a  
> final working system. Furthermore.... IE is a necessary part of windows  
> now. Functionality for it needs to be in wine. Its not something that  
> can be disgarded or ignored. Allot of applications use IEs DLL's and  
> functionality these days. So its intrinsically part of the windows API.   
> You won't get 100% compatibility without the functionality it offers.
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