[Wine] Installing IE6 in wine-0.9.8

drescher0110-lists at yahoo.com drescher0110-lists at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 8 15:40:45 CST 2006

> ies4linux behaves strangely. It copies recursively the entire ~/.wine to
> ~/.ies4linux/base and then to ~/.ies4linux/ie6. However, all symbolic
> links are also followed. In the end it tries to copy my whole home
> directory to "My Documents" folder under "windows/profiles/username".
> Disabling it by "cp -PR" just stops the script.
> Anyway, it seems ies4linux bluntly unCABs and copies all the files from
> the 77MB-package instead of running installer and doing internet install
> (what I am trying to do).
It copyies all the files and then installs all the needed registry entries that give
you a fully functional IE6 setup. 


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