[Wine] Help! how to deal with relational databases

K. de Vos k.devos at cpv.unimaas.nl
Tue Mar 7 08:13:39 CST 2006

I am a new user of wine. In the past I have written some windows XP
applications. In essence I have an executable (/filename/.exe) and my
data are stored in 3 or more relational datafiles and usually incudes a
/file/.ini (telling the program where the datafiles can be found).

I am working with Suse 10.0.

Using wine I can start the program /filename/.exe. Also I can close the
program. But as soon as I try to open (in the program) a window related
with data from the files, the program 'hangs'  and does not react to any
more. Am I doing something wrong?

Help is welcome!


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