[Wine] Command and Conquer: Tiberian Sun debugger issue?

Malcolm Mallardi magamo at chaotique.com
Sun Mar 12 03:21:04 CST 2006

	I'm certain this question has been answered a million times over the 
years.  However, I've not been able yet to find the answer either on 
AppDB or as so far as I have looked on the archive.  When I attempt to 
run Tiberian Sun, if I set my 'windows version' to Windows 98, I get an 
error stating that there is a debugger detected; unload debugger and try 

	If I set my Windows version to anything NT based, the splash screen 
will load for Tiberian Sun, but then it will bomb out with an error.  Is 
there any known fix or workaround for this?  Wine 0.9.9, Slackware 10.2 

	I'm not subscribed to the list, so I would appreciate if I could be CCd 
on any replies.
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