[Wine] Google Earth & wine_cvs-20060318

Sebastien Fievet sebastien.fievet at free.fr
Sat Mar 18 07:55:56 CST 2006

Hi everybody,

i am experiencing textures problems in google earth.
I should say i never managed to use it since my first try, with wine-0.9.6.
the app installs nicely, and actually runs pretty well.... except the earth in
the render window is always desperately black. Everything does work, i can
"fly" and make the earth turn (i see the stars moving) but the earth surface is
just black. :-(

i tried Mike Hearn's latest patch related to opengl, but it doesn't solve
anything for me. if anybody has an idea...

i am running X-6.8.2 and an nvidia card with driver 1.0-7667

Regards, Sebastien.

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