[Wine] Tibia under wine

Jacek Wolszczak shutdownrunner at o2.pl
Mon Mar 20 08:11:04 CST 2006

Frederico Bertucci napisał(a):
> Hi folks!!
> I trying run Tibia (a rpg game by cipsoft) and its work fine, but without
> video aceleration, i already try cedega, crossover, wine and all failed.
> there any thing I can do to run 3D in tibia.
> I am using Slackware 10.2, with the latest wine, my video card is ATI 9200
> SE
> tks for attention
Maybe you should see first if you have 3d acceleration. Try fglrxinfo 
command. If it shows "indirect mesa" this will mean that your xorg or 
xfree86 configuration is incorrect.

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