[Wine] Problem with resolution

Frederico Bertucci fred at netbil.com.br
Fri Mar 24 11:15:26 CST 2006

Hello guys, I got a different problem I believe

I'm trying run a application to develop interactive class, called
VisualClass, if I start it with my kde resolution in 1280x1024, doesnt
works, if i start it with my kde resolution in 800x600, doesnt works too,
BUT if I start it with 800x600 and after change to 1280x1024 as soon its
load, simply works, with 800x600, but works...

I ckecked all configurations and components from wine, fonts, everything
that I remember...

There are anything to do ??... I am in a migration program, and this is one
of the main of project...


Frederico Bertucci
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fred at netbil.com.br

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