[Wine] Re: Wine/Interix -- The pros and cons.

Steven Edwards winehacker at gmail.com
Sun Mar 26 02:11:57 CST 2006


In short it wont work. In long see inline.

On 3/24/06, Segin <segin2005 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Would Wine load the .dll.so's? Since Interix uses PE for it's native
> format (running on Windows, duh), Would Wine load the .dll.so's? Would
> it reject them being in PE format and having the 'POSIX Layer' attribute
> set, or could we hack on a patch to detect if Wine itself is running in
> said layer, and load them if it is? Would that even *work*? And how
> about detecting Winelib applications? It might get detected as a regular
> Windows app, and ... uh-oh... (let's just say it isn't pretty)

Wine should still load its builtin libs first. Your going to need to
add some configure magic to detect interix/SFU and get it building.
The last time I tried I ran in to conflicts with headers. It seems
what Microsoft has for basic types in the POSIX headers does not match
what windows has.

> There are several obvious pros: You can test Wine almost fully under
> Windows without mingling with Windows's native componets. This would
> allow for better and faster compatability tests. We could also see what
> "unknowns" exist in Interix -- Althought not nessessrarly useful to Wine
> developers itself, it could mean a whole new generation of applications
> which are half-Unix, half-Windows, if the right holes are found.

You can already test any of the pure Win32 Wine dlls if you do a mingw
build. Trying to to a port is a good bit of work.

A port to SFU has the same problems as a Cygwin port. Your going to
have to implement support in ntdll and wineserver for
get/setthreadcontext. For simple Win32 apps that can just be stubbed
but then you have the harder task of implementing or working around
the lack of send/recvmsg. I think there was a hack to emulate it for
cygwin but I never got around to testing it so you might be able to
come up with a creative solution that will work for both targets. My
advice would be to get it working on cygwin first and then port to


Steven Edwards

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