[Wine] wine and windows help

James E. Lang jelly at ktb.net
Mon Mar 27 08:21:15 CST 2006

Grant Lewis wrote at 19:53 on 23 Mar 2006:

> I'm trying to determine if it's possible to use the help system of windows
> applications running under wine and what I might need to do before it
> works. I just started using wine again after a long hiatus. I only run one
> application under wine, xmlspy. I'd like to get its help system working
> under wine. If I select anything from the help menu nothing happens right
> now. Is it supported?

I did not see an answer to this on the list and it is of interest to me also.

I have the same basic problem running Pegasus Mail with Wine. Though the 
appropriate dll clone exists (or at least the one that I've been told is the 
appropriate one) selecting help gives me nothing more than an empty help window 
except for the associated graphic and some menus and tabs though both the menus 
and the tabs are not the ones shown on a Win98 system. Stderr contains this 

fixme:winhelp:MACRO_JumpContext ("D:\Pegasus\4.12a\WINPM-32.HLP", "main", 
1)semi  -stub

I hope someone out there has a better answer for us.


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