[Wine] Running text app without X

Toby tobia.conforto at linux.it
Wed Mar 29 02:51:03 CST 2006

Steven Hein wrote:
> I could also just force the DISPLAY to an bogus hostname
> and deal with the errors....right?   (becuase the app runs just fine).

First of all I'd use a bogus local display (eg. ":100") because with a
bogus hostname you'd incur in bogus DNS requests all the time.
You might want to test which way is faster, with the bogus display or
with a virtual X server.  
Oh and if you choose the former, grep the errors away :-)

> I'd really love to have a wine environment that was tailored just to
> run this set of command-line-only apps.....is there a way to build a
> stripped-down wine environment that only only runs command-line
> applications?   (Does not involve X at all)?

Judging by wine's configure.ac, there's not an easy way to do that.
Even if there were, you couldn't use it.  As someone else pointed out,
wine doesn't even try to contact the X server unless the application
does something with graphics, and yours does, (whatever it is) so a
build of wine without X would have problems running your app.


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