[Wine] winecfg not creating ~/.wine/config file

Joris Huizer jorishuizer at planet.nl
Wed Mar 29 03:20:03 CST 2006

Florian Engelhardt wrote:
> Hello,
> after a fresh install, wine 0.9.10 wont start while giving the following errors:
> flo at HAL2000 ~ $ wine
> can't create key_t for shm: No such file or directory
> wineserver: chdir /home/flo/.wine : No such file or directory

Maybe it's a stupid question but... are you sure it has write access to 
/home/flo/.wine (check ls -lhd /home/flo/.wine )

> winecfg also wont start:
> flo at HAL2000 ~ $ winecfg
> wine: creating configuration directory '/home/flo/.wine'...
> Can't open configuration file /home/flo/.wine-Btgcy6/config
> wine: wineprefixcreate failed while creating '/home/flo/.wine'.
> if i mkdir ~/.wine, wine failes with:
> flo at HAL2000 ~ $ wine
> Can't open configuration file /home/flo/.wine/config

That's really weird, wine doesn't use 0.9.10 anymore for some time; are 
you sure you uninstalled the old version completely? It might be the 
cause of the other problems too, though I'm not sure



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