[Wine] New to Wine, Install Problem

Kevin Monceaux Kevin at RawFedDogs.net
Wed Mar 29 18:20:09 CST 2006

Wine Enthusiasts,

I'm new to Wine and am having a problem installing some software.  I
didn't see the application in question in the Application Database.
I'm hoping the problem is something simple and that perhaps a Wine guru
on the list can point me in the right direction.

I don't have Windoze installed on any of my boxes.  Unfortunately I now
find myself needing to run a Windoze app.  The canine agility club I'm
in wants me to take care of the computer related duties for our upcoming
agility trials.  The software that all the "Trial Secretaries" use is
Agility Unscrambled.  It's web site is:


I've been able to get through an install via Wine.  I got a few errors
related to missing DLLs.  After adding msvbvm50.dll, msvcp60.dll, and
mfc42.dll to Wine's system32 directory I was able to get through Agility
Unscrambled's installation successfully.  But, when I try to run Agility
Unscrambled I get two dialog boxes.  One contains a message saying that
our club is not licensed to run the software.  That box is expected.  I
have the customization program that I'm supposed to run after running
Agility Unscrambled for the first time.  The other dialog box that pops
up only has an outline and title bar.  I can see the desktop through it.
I eventually get a KWin warning saying that the window is not responding
and am able to kill it.  There are no errors written to <stdout> and/or
<stderr>.  I'm running Wine 0.9.10 on Gentoo Linux.  Are there any Wine
gurus on the list who would be willing to try installing Agility
Unscrambled to determine if this is Wine problem or perhaps just a
newbie user problem?  The software can be run in "evaluation mode"
without a license.  

Bruceville, TX

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