[Wine] Re: getwinegit.sh 0.31 released!

Christian Lachner gladiac.lists at gmail.com
Fri Mar 31 10:53:44 CST 2006

There will be a new version soon since i found some things to change.
What can you expect:

All stdout and stderr gets into the logfile. (expecting getwinegit.sh's outputs)
some small improvements :)


On 3/29/06, Christian Lachner <gladiac.lists at gmail.com> wrote:
> OK, I'm tired now but this is a new release an it owns ;). It should
> be quite stable but I didn't test it. So what has changed:
> 0.31    One more Release, I'm glad about this one
>         - Some smaller an greater Fixes
>         - After Compiling, the Script creates a helperfile to help mode 4
>         - Sections in Logfile
>         - Trap included to handle ctrl+c
>         - Implemented a small sleeper to give you a chance to stop the
> script before it starts to clean the source
> This is one of the last versions. The last version will be called 1.0.
> (maybe the next one?)
> If you miss a feature... write to the mailinglist.

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