[Wine] Agility Unscrambled Followup(Was: New to Wine, Install Problem)

Sven Paschukat Sven.Paschukat at t-online.de
Fri Mar 31 16:44:32 CST 2006

Kevin Monceaux schrieb:
> I've taken Agility Unscrambled through it's paces and it looks like
> everything is working under Wine except printing.  When I try to print
> anything I get either "Error:  Load Report Failed" or "Run-Time Error
> '5003':  Load Report Failed."  When I get the second error the program
> crashes.  The vendor says Agility Unscrambled uses Crystal Reports for
> printing.  But, it comes with the needed runtime libraries so Crystal
> Reports does not need to be installed separately.  I checked the
> Applications Database on WineHQ and it says Crystal Reports does run
> successfully under Wine.  Any suggestions on what might need to be tweeked
> to get Crystal Report Printing working would be appreciated.

I've tried a native usp10.dll and one error with printing disappeared 
here. Try copying a usp10.dll from a windows partition into your 
.wine/drive_c/windows/system32 directory and start the app with
WINEDLLOVERRIDES="usp10=n" wine Ag...exe

Maybe it helps.

> P.S.  I followed Sven's suggestion for setting up my .wine directory via
> WineTools.  But, I wasn't able to get past the IE install as IE install
> failed.  

Thanks for the info. WineTools are not 100% compatible with this wine 
version, but we are working on...


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