[Wine] how to create fake cd drive?

Robert Lövlie topace3 at oijk.net
Thu Nov 2 13:24:01 CST 2006

Istvan Gabor wrote:
> Hello all:
> How could I create a fake cd-rom drive in wine so that windows 
> programs would accept it as a cd drive?
> I googled around but could not find any example only some 
> obscure info that it's doable.
> TIA,
> IG
I assume that you want to mount a .iso image. Any other image can be 
converted to .iso.

1) (as root) mount the iso image to a temporary mountpoint
    > mount -o loop /home/joe/cd.iso /mnt/temp
2) set up wine to use this as a drive
    > winecfg
       Click on Drives, Add...
       Set path to /mnt/temp (or other mountpoint)
       Click on Show Advanced
       Set Type to CD-ROM

there! wine will now map your mountpoint (or any directory) to a CD 
drive. I havn't actually tried it, and I highly doubt that it's going to 
work with modern copy protections, but there you are.

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