[Wine] IEEE 488 & Wine

Uwe Bonnes bon at elektron.ikp.physik.tu-darmstadt.de
Sun Nov 12 05:53:18 CST 2006

>>>>> "Joe" == Joe Baker <joebaker at nelfc.com> writes:

    Joe> Hello Mike, I saw a posting from 2002 where you were asking about
    Joe> running Windows programs on top of WINE that would talk to GPIB
    Joe> devices.  Did you ever get that working?

    Joe> I'm looking at some HTBasic code which has it's own drivers to talk
    Joe> go the GPIB card. They seem to be drivers that speak directly to
    Joe> the memory registers of the card.  I would hope that this sort of
    Joe> communications wouldn't be difficult to accomplish with WINE if the
    Joe> wine user had permissions to read/write directly to the ram
    Joe> locations where these registers reside.

Either this is a old Win95 programm, not running on XP any more, that does
direct register access. This should be an easy one. Run with --denugmsg +int
and look where the program probes for registers. Add the appropriate values
under Software\\Wine\\VDM\\Ports in the wine registry and run as root and
try again. The code and comments in file dlls/winedosc/ioports should be of
some help.
If the file uses it's own kernel level driver, the task is much
bigger. Kernel level drivers use their oen API, and standard wine doesn't
implement this API. There are afforts related to safedisc to implement
(parts of) this API, but this is highly experimental. If the functionality
needed by your driver is available is another thing.

Easiest (best?) is to look for a  Linux equivalent.

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