[Wine] TrackPopupMenuEx not fully implemented

L. Rahyen research at science.su
Wed Nov 15 09:47:06 CST 2006

On Wednesday November 15 2006 14:56, Steven Woody wrote:
> hi,
> running of some application reports the error
> "fixme:menu:TrackPopupMenuEx not fully implemented".  i guess i should
> copy some native Dll's into the 'windows' directory to fix this error,
> ain't i right?  if so, what Dll i should exactlly copy?

	This user32.dll. But you cannot use native user32.dll (see [1] if you don't 
understand why). And do you really need full implementation of 
TrackPopupMenuEx? In fact you only need full implementation when program 
doesn't work correctly with a stub implementation. But if it works perfectly 
- just don't worry about fixmes.

> and, i also want to know if i hope wine works better, what's the
> collection of Dlls's you guys often copy native versions from
> MS-Windows?

	In most cases you don't need native dlls. I use a lot of Windows programs and 
only native dll that I use is comctl32.dll (sometimes others but only in very 
specific cases). And I have reasons to use it. Try to run your program with 
and without native dlls and see what changes. If nothing changes then good 
idea is to use builtin dlls. Don't use native dll if you don't need it (or 
you may face mysterious crashes)!
	Read more about how and when to use native dlls here [1] [2]. These docs 
about CrossOver (this is modification of the Wine) but everything there is 
right for vanilla Wine too. You also may consider to try CrossOver demo in 
case if some application doesn't work under Wine.

	[1] http://www.codeweavers.com/support/docs/unsupported/tyc
	[2] http://www.codeweavers.com/support/docs/wine-user/config-dll

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