AW: [Wine] I can not install Corel Draw !!

Bry Melvin brymelvin at
Wed Nov 15 12:03:28 CST 2006

--- Roland Kaeser <roli8200 at> wrote:

> Hello
> Versions 10,11,12 and X3 aren't working yet. The
> only one who works (nearly clean) is Version 9. But
> you need some additional native dlls and wine until
> version 0.9.22. Version 0.9.23 - 25 have a strong
> regression.
I have been trying 9 for some time...does anyone have
a list of the native dlls needed? I haven't stumbled
onto the required ones yet!

I've never got it to work...I did get it to install in
Crossover Standard, but never working,

In straight wine I lost the installation at the point
that the installation CD would reboot. Starting the
installer again would not continue as it would in

I agree on the regressions In my case since 9.19 from
the Ubuntu repositories.
The laast wine that worked at all with the graphics
software I use was 20060725 from the Ubuntu Breezy
FWIW for ubuntu users that version also works in

A lot of graphics software uses a browser...the Gecko
engine with current wines doesn't seem to work well.
(except with picassa)
I've been installing win Firefox 1.5 and setting it as
default in my wine installs lately. This seems to help
in some cases. Actually fox works well enough that
I've been using it as an way to run firefox with
plugins not available in linux.


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