[Wine] very strange behaviour of ultima online.

Gabor Guzmics gab at g4b.org
Thu Nov 16 03:09:48 CST 2006

Well, well, it is not really wine related i think, because it isnt working in 
no other wine instances either anymore (cedega or cxoffice), but at least 
maybe somebody could post some hint.

whats the matter:
my ultima online stopped working. i use it to play on several freeshards, and 
all of them stopped working AT ONCE.
The get some error message when i try to log in.

when did that happen? when i was changing my network ip adress to another 
(fixed one) via kde control center. after that i thought of course, thats the 
problem, so i rechanged it to dhcp, but it seemed, that was not the thing.

first i thought i was banned (at once?) and rebooted windows. I used the SAME 
install there, and it worked.
also i changed network config there, and that worked too.
so it wasnt my ip adress.
maybe my /etc/network/interfaces? or wine?

So, of course, I thought it is wine. purged wine. deleted .wine. reinstalled 
and recreated .wine.
same effect.
then i thought, maybe wine is saving things somewhere else too. so i created a 
new user and a new .wine and installed uo completely new on my ext3 partition 
to avoid problems caused by the fat32 partition.

Good. What next? I tried to install it on my laptop which is using breezy (i 
am using ubuntu edgy eft), and used same network settings as my pc here. it 
worked! so what the f... i thought (thats the part where i got really messy, 
because i thought maybe it is of some network-linux issue)

So I thought maybe its the network card. or the kernel. reinstalled the kernel 
with --reinstall and after that, still nothing, i changed my network card to 
a completely different one (other driver too, nforce3 onboard), still 

nvidia was next. we know its closed source, so maybe glx or randr or xcompiz 
has some issue. so i started x11 with blank nv drivers. guess what. nope.

the next thing i began was to reinstall various libraries. since i cant purge 
everything, i really tried hard to purge-reinstall whatever possible.

i am still reinstalling stuff now. but it doesnt seem to work.

Note: I tried to log in into a local shard created by sphereserver.net on my 
machine. that works. also i looked up firewall settings, and played around 
with iptables to capture some network traffic. i know, uo tries to log in.
i know, the servers are responding. however, it seems that the encrypted login 
code sent by uo is messed up somehow over the net.
also i know, that wine works with the net. games like soldat work. so does 
connect steam, even if that never really works flawlessy. i dont use any 
sound driver so i cant imagine sound to be responsible. 

i always relogged on windows, and on my laptop, and there it works. however i 
cant play on the laptop, too slow, and i dont want to reboot everytime for my 
fav game.

finding this nasty bug costed me 3 days now (and full days) of trying around. 
i dont know anything now to try.

so anybody out there, using wine playing ultima online, especially on edgy 
eft, please tell me if it is only my machine. and anybody with suggestions 
how exactly i could try to find out, whatever messes up my uo login, is 
welcome to contact me.

I tried more things, so i have more answers, even. Also, please anybody could 
state, which libraries i should reinstall and are used for networking via 
And any other trick too.

note: technically there is no wine error.

with kind regards, g4b
and, i think i win the nobel price for having the strangest linux problem 

Gabor Guzmics

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