[Wine] Confusion about Dll Overriding

Steven Woody narkewoody at gmail.com
Thu Nov 16 08:30:07 CST 2006

the winecfg confused me about DLL overriding.  In the 'libraries' tab,
if i specified a Dll file name and click 'Add', how does Wine know
where to load the native file when need?  does it mean i also have to
copy the native file into the "c:\windows\system[32]" directory?  if
so, why i have to bother with the winecfg, why not directlly copy
files into the "c:\windows\system[32]' and hope it will be loaded as

and, i found there are still many DLLs in the "c:\windows\system[32]"
and get much smaller size than orignial windows native files. what
does this mean?


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