[Wine] Re: Printing

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Sun Nov 19 12:32:39 CST 2006

Ian Couchman wrote:
> Hi all,
> 	I have installed various versions of wine (built from source) on various 
> computers, all running Debian Sarge or Etch with cups. Printing works fine 
> apart from some installations where applications running under wine use the 
> whole page instead of allowing a margin. As a result, the edges of the 
> document are missed. I can't find any pattern to this. Even re-installing the 
> same version of wine on the same machine produces different results. Can 
> anyone tell me where Wine gets page size information or give me any clues?

Wine does read and use the ppd file for the selected printer. The ppd 
files (located in /etc/cups/ppd on Fedora) are plain text, so you could 
experiment by making changes to them and see what happens in Wine. It 
looks like Wine reads and uses the "ImageableArea" parameter, so that 
would probably be the one to modify. If you want to look at the related 
Wine source, see the files in dlls/wineps.drv (in particular, init.c and 

I don't know how installing the same version of Wine on the same machine 
would cause different results. In the ~/.wine/system.reg file (also 
plain text), search for "Printers". There should be a 
System\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Print\\Printers\\ section for each 
printer. Included is a "Default DevMode" entry, which has some encoded 
data. I don't know what is encoded, but perhaps it includes margin info.

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