[Wine] Re: Printing

Ian Couchman i.couchman at shirecontrols.com
Sun Nov 19 15:17:16 CST 2006

On Sunday 19 November 2006 18:32, Duane Clark wrote:
> Ian Couchman wrote:
> > Hi all,
> > 	I have installed various versions of wine (built from source) on various
> > computers, all running Debian Sarge or Etch with cups. Printing works
> > fine apart from some installations where applications running under wine
> > use the whole page instead of allowing a margin. As a result, the edges
> > of the document are missed. I can't find any pattern to this. Even
> > re-installing the same version of wine on the same machine produces
> > different results. Can anyone tell me where Wine gets page size
> > information or give me any clues?
> Wine does read and use the ppd file for the selected printer. The ppd
> files (located in /etc/cups/ppd on Fedora) are plain text, so you could
> experiment by making changes to them and see what happens in Wine. It
> looks like Wine reads and uses the "ImageableArea" parameter, so that
> would probably be the one to modify. If you want to look at the related
> Wine source, see the files in dlls/wineps.drv (in particular, init.c and
> ppd.c).
> I don't know how installing the same version of Wine on the same machine
> would cause different results. In the ~/.wine/system.reg file (also
> plain text), search for "Printers". There should be a
> System\\CurrentControlSet\\Control\\Print\\Printers\\ section for each
> printer. Included is a "Default DevMode" entry, which has some encoded
> data. I don't know what is encoded, but perhaps it includes margin info.

Changing the "ImageableArea" in the .ppd file worked. I increased the minimum 
X & Y points to 10 (they were 0) & reduced the maximum X & Y by 20 . It 
dosn't seem to have affected Linux programes. Why different installations 
should give different is a mystery.
Thanks for the help.

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