[Wine] windows programms starting linux programms

Jan Murawski der at oelgoetze.de
Tue Nov 21 14:23:21 CST 2006

L. Rahyen schrieb:
> On Tuesday November 21 2006 11:41, Jan Murawski wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I have got the following problem: I'd like to use the windows version of
>> firefox in linux. When I download a file and tell firefox which
>> application to use with it, the application opens fine. But the path of
>> the file given to it by firefox is in windows style (C:\...). Is there a
>> (easy) way to tell wine to covert the path to linux style? If yes, where
>> can I read more about it?
> 	Forgot to say. You can also use winepath to convert between different paths. 
> So you can easy convert from Windows path to Unix path. You can to use this 
> command to provide Unix path for Linux applications from within Windows 
> application. Just instead of application use simple script. For example 
> create with your favorite text editor file /usr/bin/linuxapplication.win with 
> following content:
> for i in $@
> {
>         paths="$paths `winepath --unix $i`";
> }
> linuxapplication $paths
> 	Call linuxapplication.win instead of linuxapplication from Windows 
> application under Wine. It should work for most cases. Of course you should 
> replace "linuxapplication" with actual name of your linux application.

I've got no time to test this now, but it looks good. Thanks!

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