[Wine] wine 0.9.2 + Office 2003,and IE

Sergio Bazilio sbazilio at gmail.com
Wed Nov 22 14:05:31 CST 2006

Hello guys,

I am new in WINE, and i am tryng to configure and install Office 2003 and IE
in a FC5(KDE).

To install WINE, i make a very simple thing, just yum isntall wine.

Everting ok.

I tring to install office , i make a comand line " wine

the isntall wizard come to me in the screen, i put the CD key, choose full
intall, and the copy of files begin.

In something like 40%, return me in console, some many erros to imput some
reg keys.

And the wizzard, cancel =(

I try to find soe help or how to, in wine page, but i just find some
references to buy a product called crossserver.

Can anyone please help me, or link me a how to, and documentation?


Sergio Bazilio
Analista de Operações
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