[Wine] DarWine install

Dennis Templeton dtempleton at virginia.edu
Wed Nov 22 22:04:09 CST 2006

Hi all;

I'm trying to install darwine on my new MacPro (seems like the best  
way to access an important DOS/CMD program from a bash script) and it  
has not been straightforward.  The install instructions for Darwine,  
(9.12DP) are, in total:

"To install just drag the folder Darwine to your Applications folder. "

Um, not.   This is clearly leaving something out.  There is a thread  
on insanelymac.com that deals with establishing paths and making  
directories in the tmp directory, but most user say this has not  
worked for them (and has not worked for me).

Can anyone suggest a stepwise way of installing darwine on OSX 10.4.7  
so that it can be accessed through the terminal?  Let me say that I  
have been scowering the web for a week to no avail, and it doesn't  
seem I am the only frustrated one...



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