[Wine] Wine + NetTerm (4.2.a)

Rodrigo Assunção rodrigo.assuncao at acciolygm.com.br
Fri Nov 24 07:36:35 CST 2006

Does anybody get success running NetTerm on Wine.
I'm trying to use:

1) Linux Mandriva version 2006;
2) Wine version 0.9.25
3) Netterm version 4.2.a

When I run NetTerm on Wine, after 20 seconds NetTerm stops run and show 
the  follow message:

fixme:font:WineEngRemoveFontResourceEx :stub
fixme:font:WineEngCreateFontInstance Untranslated charset 255
fixme:font:get_nearest_charset returning DEFAULT_CHARSET 
face->fs.fsCsb[0] = 00000000 file = 
fixme:tapi:lineInitialize (0x16a5bc, 0x400000, 0x440e95, "NetTerm", 
0x16a5c0): stub.

How can I fix it?

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