[Wine] Re: Wine segmentation fault (Solution)

Pablo Seibelt /|\ Sicarul pabloseibelt at gmail.com
Thu Nov 30 17:25:19 CST 2006

Hello, i had this problem, until i read that i had to remove this line on
vm.legacy_va_layout = 1
When i removed it and rebooted it began working again =)
Please notice i'm using Arch Linux, if you aren't using it then this fix MAY
not work for you.
Good luck!
See ya!

2006/11/30, Reisch Zoltan <reischz at t-online.hu>:
> Hi Pablo!
> I've read a message on winehq, since you upgraded your Kernel to 2.6.18,
> have a segmentation fault message.
> I also get this message when I try to run wine, on 2.6.18, and 2.6.19 too.
> Have you got  some result, how can to use wine on kernel>2.6.17 ?
> Thanks...
> Zoltán.

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