[Wine] Re: Can't make wine work... Wrong libraries loaded?

Duane Clark dclark at akamail.com
Mon Oct 9 11:24:01 CDT 2006

prkazevedo at ibest.com.br wrote:
> Hi everybody!
> I posted a message a few days ago about my difficulties in trying to
> make wine work. Doing some research I found out that wine can't work
> without the /tls libs since it now supports threads. Interistingly,
> though, I have the 3 versions of this library (/lib/pthreads,
> /lib/i686 and /lib/tls, which is a part of the Glibc package. My
> kernel is 2.6.16. As I could understood, wine should automatically
> choose and load the tls libraries, but when I try the command ldd
> wine, it seems to me that wine is loading a different version of the
> pthreads library.
> Could anyone with a wine working enviroment send me the output of the
> ldd wine command just to make sure I am right? Does anybody knows how
> this should work at all?
> Thaks!
> My former message follows bellow: I have moved to wine-0.9.21(that I
> have compiled myself) recently and nothing works for me, not even
> winemine...

If you are compiling Wine yourself, then you generally need to have the 
header files for things like tls installed (normally the devel package). 
That goes for almost everything else Wine uses. "configure" checks for 
the existence of these headers, and uses them when compiling. There may 
have been a message printed out when running configure. Check the 
config.log file that was generated, especially the "Cache variables" 
section near the bottom.

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