[Wine] Re: wine segfaulting

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Wed Oct 11 02:15:21 CDT 2006

Hi Christoph!
> Hi Pavel,
> >   Simple apps, like winecfg and notepad, run well. Other ones don't. For
> > some of them, wine dumps a lot of warnings before the segfault, but exactly
> > the same warnings are emitted on another machines, where the app runs well.
> > When the app fails, it even doesn't start to render its window. However, when
> > a virtual desktop is to be used, it appears but it's still empty in the
> > moment of the fault.
> Maybe there are old files from a previous installation of wine in this
> box laying around? Try to remove first all the wine related files first
> and then copy over your binary files again.
Thanks for your valuable hint, but it's not the case here. My wine package is
strictly isolated at /opt/wine and except user's .wine directory, there are no
other wine's files on the system. And because I'm installing new versions by
cd /opt ; rm -r wine ; tar xIvf wine.tar.bz2 , I think that it's safe to say
that no old file can survive this :-).
Since my first post, I did a full wine build on the subjected machine; however,
the resulting binary crashes exactly the same way as the imported binary
package, which I think proved that the problem is not caused by some binary
incompatibility between the build and running system.
             With regards, Pavel Troller

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