[Wine] Slow operation on multiprocessor machine

David D. Hagood wowbagger at sktc.net
Fri Oct 13 19:44:03 CDT 2006

I was wondering if anybody else had seen the following:

I have a multiprocessor system (Intel P4). I use Wine to run the Tasking 
56300 DSP compiler (Tasking, brilliant folks they are, *had* a Linux 
version, that they DROPPED support for!).

Doing a build of a fairly large project (over a hundred files), with 
nothing much else going on, the compiles run very slowly, the system is 
at less than 2% CPU load, and the disk system is idle. There is no 
reason I can see that the system ISN'T sitting at 100% CPU and burning 
through the files like a racehorse - but it isn't.

I didn't see this sort of behavior before I got the P4 - when I was on 
an Athlon 2700 it would put the CPU to 100% during these builds.

So, the question is, "Is there something about running Wine in a 
multiprocessor system that makes it run slowly?"

Could there be some aspect of the Wine program to Wineserver 
communications that gets wedged when the processes are running on 
different CPUs?

Has anybody else run Wine in a multi-CPU environment?

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