[Wine] dxgrab question

Robert Clemens robert at solidsolutions.net
Mon Oct 16 22:22:09 CDT 2006

I'm currently running a game (warcraft iii to be precise) in a windowed
environment so I can make use of my desktop during games. Because
of poor scrolling ability, I had to enable the DxGrab option for the window
to lock the mouse to the window.

Is there a way to escape the mouse out to the desktop? I've tried switching
virtual desktops within my window manager but all the key captures are going
to the game window and not working.

The only solution I have found thus far is to somehow get a popup window to
display over my windowed game that can provide a path out to my desktop.
This works but is a poor workaround for such a simple request.

Is there a way to create a key combination that doesn't get sent to the 
wine window.
Such as ctrl+alt+left or ctrl+alt+right (both shortcuts for changing 
virtual desktops).
Or any other simple solution? I was kind of hoping dxgrab had a built in 
function to
maybe release the mouse for a short period or export the mouse to the 
desktop and re-
grab the mouse once it scrolls back over the window.

Thanks for your help!

Robert Clemens
robert at solidsolutions.net

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