[Wine] Cannot start Photoshop

Dotan Cohen dotancohen at gmail.com
Thu Oct 19 15:58:32 CDT 2006

On 19/10/06, Hiji <hijinio at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Again, please read through the comments in the appdb.  I don't want to sound rude,
> but I can tell that you are not reading them.  The very first How-To on
> that page describes how to fix your problem.
> I can also see another thing that you should be doing differently.  First and foremost, you should running Photoshop with this command: wine "c:\program files\adobe\Photoshop 7.0\Photoshop.exe" and not what you reference below.  Some apps are very picky in how they are run.  In this specific case, "Save for Web" will not work if you do not run Photoshop via the command above (even changing the direction of the slashes will cause a problem.)  This is described in the comments.
> If nothing works, you may want to consider using the latest recorded version of Wine that allowed it to run on your distro.  The comments will help guide you.
> Hiji

You're right- I wasn't reading that. And I should know better- almost
a year on linux I've learned to read as much as I can. I'll give that
a shot and see how it goes. Thanks.

It's been quite a while since I've been RTFM'ed! I deserved it.

Dotan Cohen


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