[Wine] polite help request: Building Wine on Ubuntu / Kubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake)

Jan-Matthias Braun jan_braun at gmx.net
Thu Oct 26 03:50:04 CDT 2006

sorry... just hit the wrong key.

On Tuesday 24 October 2006 21:24, Jimmy Kerwood wrote:
> Hello Karsten,
> Please can you help clarify a couple of points in your how-to guide? We are
> trying to install Wine on a 64-bit (dual core) Celeron system.
> The general problem we are having is that it is not clear at what point to
> perform the "configure" or "make" commands. We have followed your
> instructions very closely, but some steps are unclear:

I will continue here. So you installed a package created for your 
distribution, maybe from the wine repository.

The documentation you are referring to is aimed at helping you with creating 
the program from the sources. This process has already been done by the 
person who has build the package for you.

To follow the instructions you should download the sources from winehq.org 
(usually a file ended tar.gz or tar.bz2), decompress it and in the directory 
now created, you will find he configure script mentioned, that will create 
the Makefile, needed for make.

This is a very usual install for open source programs. Download the source, 
configure, make and make install. There should be general information in the 

> 1) "configure will find several omissions, but a few will only be noticed
> by the 'make' steps."
> -- Does this mean that we should have already run 'configure' at this
> stage? If so, on what file/s?
> 2) "Now add the following links that the library install does not make:"
> -- We assume that the 'make' command was executed by the 'apt-get install'
> of the various libraries: are we correct?
> 3) "Run configure, build and install with:"
> -- well, at this point, it's really unclear where any 'configure' file is
> located, in order to execute it! We ran a full filesystem search for files
> of name "configure", but found nothing obvious.
> *Please* would you very kindly help us to clarify these issues? We are very
> grateful for the  time you have already spent on this matter, and hope you
> would not mind helping us a little bit.

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