[Wine] re: polite help request: Building Wine on Ubuntu / Kubuntu 6.06 (Dapper Drake)

Dan Kegel dank06 at kegel.com
Thu Oct 26 11:40:31 CDT 2006

Jimmy wrote:
> Please can you help clarify a couple of points in your how-to guide? We are
> trying to install Wine on a 64-bit (dual core) Celeron system.

Which guide?  Hmm, probably

> 1) "configure will find several omissions, but a few will only be noticed by
> the 'make' steps."
> -- Does this mean that we should have already run 'configure' at this stage?
> If so, on what file/s?

No, it's just dramatic foreshadowing.
(The only place that text occurs is in the section on Ubuntu 06.06,
so I guess that's the OS you're installing on.)

> 2) "Now add the following links that the library install does not make:"
> -- We assume that the 'make' command was executed by the 'apt-get install'
> of the various libraries: are we correct?

There is no 'make' command in the section of text you quoted.
In any case, you should add the links if they're not there.
(Or use Ubuntu 06.10, which might have this fixed already.)

> 3) "Run configure, build and install with:"
> -- well, at this point, it's really unclear where any 'configure' file is
> located, in order to execute it! We ran a full filesystem search for files
> of name "configure", but found nothing obvious.

It's in the top level of the wine source directory that you unpacked.

If you're new to building Free software from source code, you
might want to read a few tutorials, e.g.

But if I were you, I would just install 32 bit Ubuntu 06.10
(as there's no real benefit to using 64 bits, and plenty of pitfalls),
and use the prebuilt wine.  See
Building wine from source is not for newbies.
- Dan

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