[Wine] Serious problem

Pavel Troller patrol at sinus.cz
Mon Oct 30 22:46:04 CST 2006

> > Yesterday the Daylight Saving Time stopped here in the Netherlands. This
> > is the only thing what changed, so far I know.
> > 
> > Does somebody have an idea what this can be?
> When I replace the clock a few days, Schedule+ works again.
> I still don't know what to do. Maybe manipulating the time
  It's absolutely strange. I also don't have an idea why the season time change
can influence so badly.
  The only idea I have is to capture 2 wine traces, one with faked time so it
works, and the other with real time so it doesn't, and compare them. It can be
tricky because things like PIDs and memory addresses will differ, so it's not
possible to use diff, but some moreless optical page-by-page observation. Maybe
you can discover a place, from which the traces start to differ substantially.
    With regards, Pavel Troller

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