[Wine]Communications program (SuperVoice) and serial port modem (COM1 etc?)

Roystan Mendez pbx at worldbizconsultant.com
Sat Sep 2 00:58:21 CDT 2006

Hi I am Roystan and would like to know any good site for programming the com
 basically I have a daughter card which is a FXO phone jack card
has its own software the Internet switch board which allows us to make calls
and receive calls through the card we can even connect a hard phone to it


 My problem is I want to interface my own soft phone so that I can make
calls and receive calls through it just as the internet switch board
 sir I
want help as I am new to this


The calling is done through voip..


I hope I receive a reply as soon as possible. I would appreciate even a
small amount of info


Thanking you 



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