[Wine] Re: Adobe Photoshop CS2

Jonathan Ernst jonathan at ernstfamily.ch
Fri Sep 8 01:02:05 CDT 2006

Le jeudi 07 septembre 2006 à 19:45 -0700, Chris Lemire a écrit :
> Here is a quote from my friend. He uses XP most of the time because he
> hasn't been able to get the newest Adobe Photoshop working in Debian
> Sarge 3.1 with Gnome. He tried both cedega and the newest version of
> wine to get Photoshop working. Has anyone else got it working or know
> about getting it working?
> "I copied all of the DLL's from the windows system32 directory into
> the wine fake_windows system32 folder (or wherever the DLL's that come
> with wine are stored).

Don't do that. Copying all dlls blindly won't help.

> I attempted to install Adobe Photoshop CS2, and when the installer was
> starting I recieve an error saying that my operating system is not
> compatible."

People have it working (kind of). Please have a look at the AppDB : 


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