[Wine] Re: wine-1.9.20 IE6/gecko internet connect error

Jonathan Ernst jonathan at ernstfamily.ch
Sun Sep 10 15:11:05 CDT 2006

Le dimanche 10 septembre 2006 à 12:41 -0700, Peter M Kekenes-Huskey a
écrit :
> Dear all,
> I am unable to browse the internet via ie6 using wine-1.9.20.  After a
> clean install of wine (wine built from src), i can run ie6 and i am
> immediately prompted to install gecko.  Whether or not i install this
> yields the same result - basically the window remains blank indefinitely
> as it tried in vain to contact the internet.  Below is the debugging
> info spat out by the program.  Has anyone run into this?

That's because you are running the built-in internet explorer and not
the one you installed. To use the built-in one to browse a web page you
have to give it an address :

wine iexplore www.google.com 

If you want to run the native one, you'll have to set the correct
overrides in winecfg.

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