[Wine] Help please

Scott Bambrough scottb at xandros.com
Mon Sep 11 09:12:58 CDT 2006

Alex Good wrote:
> I use Xandros Linux and im not sure how to run Wine on it. I thought 
> Xandros was a debian based linux OS but it doesnt appear to be. I 
> check all of the other installs and its definitly not red hat linux or 
> else it would be called red hat. Its not freeBSD. So I desperately 
> want to get Wine but im stuck. I would appreciate help.
Xandros is a Debian based distribution.  We actually offer CrossOver 
Office to our users, so Wine is not available via XN as a packaged 
download.  The last time I checked, the current stable Debian packages 
are quite old, and the newer ones from unstable won't install due to 
newer glibc dependencies.

You can however build and install Wine from source and run it on 
Xandros.  I do this on a regular basis.  To do this you need to install 
all the development tools and dependencies for the build.  Contact me 
directly and I'll see if I can help.



Scott Bambrough
scottb at xandros.com

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