[Wine] Wine needs a long time to start

Jörg Ackerstaff acker at indisgrace.de
Tue Sep 12 11:20:07 CDT 2006

Hi everyone!

I'm using Ubuntu Dapper and today i build an individual kernel based on 
the vanilla sources for 2.6.16 with the CK Patchset.
Everything works fine, except wine. Everytime i start an application 
with wine or just winecfg it needs a long time to come up.
Winecfg e.g. needs about 2 minutes (with the default Ubuntu kernel 
abount 10s). During that wait time i can hear some knittering
out of my speakers. This is the same with the default kernel but now it 
is slower - like the rest. ;(

When an Application is up it works good. But why does it take so long??
Are there any specific kernel options i have to activate or deactivate? 
Any suggestions?
And please excuse by fair english ;)


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