[Wine] Problem Installing Application in fake_windows

Thomas H. George lists at tomgeorge.info
Fri Sep 15 16:14:37 CDT 2006

I have one application successfully installed but I have forgotten how I 
did it.

For the new application I mounted the cd, entered wine k:\\setup.exe and 
the usual windows installation program started.   I used the browse 
option to choose the directory in which the first application is 
installed - this is actually .wine/fake_windows/Programs though the 
installation program browse finds it My Computer (C:) Programs - and 
clicked on next.  I got an error message from the installation program 
that file copy failed, check space (there's plenty) and on exiting the 
installation program wine has written a series of lines:

fixme: bitmap: CreateBitmapIndirect planes=0

before exiting normally.

Is there a tutorial on installing applications?  I checked 
/usr/share/doc/wine-doc/html/wine-user and 
/usr/share/doc/wine-doc/html/wine-faq but didn't find anything specific 
to this problem.

I would appreciate any suggestions as to how to fix this problem.

Tom George

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