[Wine] Wine doesn't work?

Matthew L Reed matty at zootal.com
Fri Sep 15 22:50:41 CDT 2006

Clean install of Slackware 10.2. Wine 0.9.20. Downloaded slackware package.
Installed with KPackage via KDE, no errors. I have several Windows apps that
I used under Wine with Slackware 10.0. I right click on executable, select
Wine Windows Emulator, I can see in the process table Wineserver,
wine-preloader, and wineprefixcreator(?). Then they all go away, and nothing
happens. It doesn't matter which windows executable I try. The three I've
used sucessfully in the past is emule, totalcommander, and winmx. I've run
emule and winmx 24/7 for a long time, it works(worked) great.

Where to start troubleshooting? With Slackware 10.0 and older wine version
(9.18 or so?) this all worked fine, I'm not sure if it's the current wine
version or Slackware 10.2.

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