[Wine] emule047c too many files

Moises Belda moises at cinenautas.com
Tue Sep 19 07:44:33 CDT 2006

I execute emule 0.47c (because Amule and mldonkey doesn't have protocol
ofuscation support) but I have some problems:

1.- I import the incoming + temp directories from amule, 250 downloads
inside => error too many open files.

To solve this, I try to import 20 files, next 20 files more, next 20 files
more, in batch process.

2.- But when I use emule, the same error appears in some files in the  emule
gui, and in the console prompt, too many files.

What is this? How Can I modify the number of files that can open by a win
app with wine?

Thanks and sorry for my poor english.

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