[Wine] Re: squares instead of font characters since wine-0.9.13

Jens Gulden mail at jensgulden.de
Wed Sep 27 07:43:13 CDT 2006

Jonathan Ernst wrote:
>> Please stop the FUD, Wine has correct fonts

Good if your installation has, but according to this list many people suffer from broken fonts - as 
I did for a long time until last night.

FUD: a) Familienunterstützender Dienst, b) Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt

To me, copying the fonts very much reduced my uncertainty and doubts about wine :-). (Although I 
very much dislike the idea of needing an original version of that 'wide-spread OS from Redmond' to 
make wine run properly.)

There are some other competely different issues that cause some 'uncertainty' for me (see 
http://www.winehq.com/pipermail/wine-users/2006-September/023502.html), so by being more active on 
this list I hope eventually someone will help me with that, too, and wine will become better.


Jonathan Ernst schrieb:
> Le mercredi 27 septembre 2006 à 11:59 +0200, Jens Gulden a écrit :
>>Hi Piotr,
>>I had font-problems since version 0.9.9 (the system-font showed up in ugly "Courier"-style only). 
>>After months of googling and finding no help at all on the wine-lists, faqs, docs, etc., late last 
>>night I finally solved it by copying all files from an original XP's
>>(TTF didn't previously exist).
>>(Finally found it here: http://mandrivausers.org/lofiversion/index.php/t30766.html)
>>I can't understand why the wine developers don't care at all about fonts. Wine looks so damn wracked 
>>and broken without proper fonts that this would even be an argument for not recommending the use of 
>>any commercial "Xover-office" solution... Aren't there people trying to fill their stomach with that 
>>commercial branch of wine?
> Please stop the FUD, Wine has correct fonts. If your packager or
> yourself can't compile Wine with the required dependencies needed to
> produce correct fonts, that's not a Wine problem.
> I have no XP fonts whatsoever and Wine fonts look perfect.
> Jonathan
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