[Wine] 3DMark06 doesn't detect Pixel Shader 2.0

Luke Bratch l_bratch at yahoo.co.uk
Thu Sep 28 06:01:05 CDT 2006

When trying to run 3DMark06, it doesn't detect at
least Pixel Shader 2.0, and therefore refuses to run
any tests.

I've tried with and without UseGLSL = enabled in the
registry, and Pixel Shaders are turned on.

Pixel shaders and vertex shaders are both detected as
3.0 by other apps, such as the Call of Duty 2.0 start
up process.

3DMark03 has a Pixel Shader 2.0. test, which it
detects and runs Pixel Shader 2.0 fine with.

Links to 3DMark06 and 03:

Should Wine be reporting availability of PS2.0?  Is
there a way to fake what Wine reports to make this


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