Fwd: [Wine] missing directX during installation

Istvan Gabor suseuser04 at freemail.hu
Fri Sep 29 12:34:55 CDT 2006

>> Hello all:
>> I'd like to install an older program (from 1998/9).
>> The installation starts OK but then I get the following 
>> message:
>> "Unable to install software. This software product 
>> requires
>> DirectX Media Streaming Services 5.2a (formally known as
>> ActiveMovie) or later to be installed."
>> As I know wine already can imitate up DirectX 7 (8?).
>> So how could I circumvent the above problem?
>> Thanks,
>> IG

> Try installing it in win98 mode - run winecfg and change 
the default to win98.
> Regards
> Shelton.

Hi Shelton:

Thanks for your answer and sorry for the late reply but I was 
busy with other stuffs.

Unfortunately it does not matter if I set wine to win98, 
windows2000 or even winXP the installer works the same way 
and gives the same error message (see above).
I think the solution should be trivial but I have no any idea 
about it.
I've tried this list earlier but that time I did not get even one 
Please, if you have any idea share it with me or give me 
suggestion what forum to turn to.


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