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Dan and List,

I would download from pervasive and set up a 'toy' database, but I can't.
The company I work for is not using the most recent version of the pervasive
database.  We are using 2000i (7.x?) so using version 9.0 will not be

Anyway I am able to install pervasive using WINE.  It installs under
.wine/drive_c in PSVW folder.  Also, the data is stored on a share on a
Windows 2003 DC.  I am able to map the drive using WINE. The drive letter is
I:.  I can use the ODBC tool to make a connection to the database using the
example in the WINE documentation which involves the WINEDLLOVERRIDES
command line options.

The program I am trying to run needs to use the following command line to


This program is nothing more than a terminal to collect data about jobs that
are open on the floor. So in a way it is like a terminal program with 5 or
six different prompts, nothing more.  I would attach screen shots, but I
don't know if I can do that on a list.

Thus, the program runs from the network to the station.  I can get the
program to run, Pervasive Splash screen comes up, however, when you have to
enter a company code (required by the program) it gives me an error stating
that it cannot open the file.  I am not sure if the error is WINE related or
some sort of error with the DB.

The exact error that comes up is:

SP2 error
open-file failed - abort?

If I say yes, then it closes, if I hit NO I get nothing. The "WINE desktop"
become unresponsive.

I am using ubuntu 6.10 and I have downloaded the current files from WINE and
I am not using the Ubuntu version.

I hope this helps explain the situation. If it is not enough let me know and
I will get whatever info you need.

Thank you


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On 4/2/07, Jeff Whiteman <jeff.whiteman at rockfordsilkscreen.com> wrote:
> I have a proprietary piece of software written for a windows machine.
> I run the ODBC interface so that I can set a DSN the connection works.
> However, when I run the program it cannot find the files and gives me an
> error stating that.
> Does anyone have experience with Pervasive DB's? Or maybe with getting
> programs like  this one running under WINE?

Hi Jeff,
wineconf isn't read by many people, so I'm replying on the wine-users
mailing list.

Which version of Pervasive, exactly?

It looks like you asked the same question at
and gave more details there.
In particular, somebody there wrote
>If you try to open an application data file (that's on drive I:)
>using the Pervasive Function Executor (WBEXEC32.EXE in PVSW\BIN),
>does it work or does it give an error? If it gives an error, what is it.
And you replied:
>Win I run WBEXEC32.EXE in PVSW\BIN it opens and appears to run, but I
cannot do >anything.  I have to "break" out of it to stop it.

Gee, it sounds like it ought to be possible to set up a
toy database that exhibits the problem, using the trial versions at
Can you give us a step-by-step recipe for reproducing the
basic problem using just the trial versions and a toy database?
It might be quite easy (e.g. "Give the following command to create an
empty database....  The tool crashes like this...")


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