Dan Kegel dank at kegel.com
Tue Apr 3 09:24:01 CDT 2007

On 4/3/07, Jeff Whiteman <jeff.whiteman at rockfordsilkscreen.com> wrote:
> I would download from pervasive and set up a 'toy' database, but I can't.
> The company I work for is not using the most recent version of the pervasive
> database.  We are using 2000i (7.x?) so using version 9.0 will not be
> accurate.

Nevertheless it would still be helpful.

> Anyway I am able to install pervasive using WINE.  It installs under
> .wine/drive_c in PSVW folder.  Also, the data is stored on a share on a
> Windows 2003 DC.  I am able to map the drive using WINE. The drive letter is
> I:.  I can use the ODBC tool to make a connection to the database using the
> example in the WINE documentation which involves the WINEDLLOVERRIDES
> command line options.
> The program I am trying to run needs to use the following command line to
> run:
> This program is nothing more than a terminal to collect data about jobs that
> are open on the floor. So in a way it is like a terminal program with 5 or
> six different prompts, nothing more.  I would attach screen shots, but I
> don't know if I can do that on a list.
> Thus, the program runs from the network to the station.  I can get the
> program to run, Pervasive Splash screen comes up, however, when you have to
> enter a company code (required by the program) it gives me an error stating
> that it cannot open the file.

Try getting a log.  Run your app with
  WINEDEBUG=+odbc,+file,+text wine 'I:\INFISY\WRUN\WRUNCBL.EXE' -C
'I:\INFISY\ETC\CBLCONFI.053'  jb030 > log 2>&1
Get the app to happen again, then email me the log.

Or better yet, open a bug report at http://bugs.winehq.org
and attach the log.
- Dan

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