[Wine] Path confusion

Briareos auronsrv at gmx.net
Fri Apr 20 05:35:19 CDT 2007

Am Donnerstag, 19. April 2007 19:40 schrieb Vojtěch Spiwok:
> Dear wine gurus,
> I'm trying to run a program installed like this:
>   /usr/local/program/program.exe
> which also contains a subdirectory:
>   /usr/local/program/subdir/
> with some files. When typing:
>   $ wine /usr/local/program/program.exe
> I get an error mesage like:
>   "File \subdir\some_file not found!"
> The problem can be solved by putting
> the subdir to the root directory of the
> computer so I have:
> /bin
> /boot
> /dev
> ...
> /subdir
> ...
> Do you know some more elegant solution
> by setting some environment variable or
> by giving wine some parameter?
> Thank you
> Vojtech Spiwok


I don't get an exact idea of the problem at the moment. I guess 
your "/usr/local/program/" (or any path up in the structure) has a 
corresponding wine drive letter in "winecfg"?

I prefer using only one wine-directory (like .wine in your home). Then adding 
a skript (e.g. start.sh) under .wine/drive_c/program/ which could contain:

### start.sh ###
WINEDEBUG=-all nice -20 wine /FULLPATHTOPROGRAM/program.exe

Then link to that script:
ln -s /FULLPATHTOPROGRAM/start.sh /usr/local/bin/DESIREDAPPNAME

This way you can always comfortably change your startup parameters, call the 
app from anywhere you want by typing "DESIREDAPPNAME" and you won't get 
complains about wine not being in a valid path.


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