[Wine] Ford Tech Serv app does not work

David Anderson davea42 at earthlink.net
Sat Apr 21 11:18:03 CDT 2007

This just an FYI.

Yesterday I updated to top of trunk wine and rebuilt and installed.

I have a Ford Service CD (for 1999 models) and wine on the  exe does not 
(on an old Windows ME laptop it all works).

The startup.exe sort of seems to work AFAICT, but when it's done and the 
app exe started
the app exe ( installed on disk) cannot seem to find
the cd (the app needs the CD, the install does not install everything, 
just the app and some basic stuff,
the CD has to be mounted to actually use the app).    Some buttons seem 
to get ignored  (some
work too, minimally).

I know this is a sort of vague report (sorry).  But I thought I would 
mention it.
Maybe someone has a hint for me.
David Anderson.


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